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"Life is creating yourself, yoga is virtuosity in becoming yourself."

—Douglas Brooks

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Kids Yoga Atelier: A “toolbox” to engage in life with flying colors!

Through a fun, integrated, and colorful approach to yoga, Cecile teaches children a system to balance their body, mind and emotions. Integrating communication principles to the science of yoga, Cecile introduces children to yoga postures, breathing practices, concentration and relaxation techniques giving them the tools to engage in their daily activities with motivation, balance, strength and focus. Through a series of songs, games, dances and skits, they also learn to engage and communicate in life with both confidence and respect.




Teens Yoga Atelier: Life is about creating yourself!

Creating yourself is a beautiful process requiring energy, focus, strength, balance and awareness. With this palette of colorful yoga practices, acquire the tools you need to develop these qualities and learn how they will support you in creating a life filled with happiness and success! Through fun and inspiring poses, games and breathing practices, you will learn how to increase your energy and strength, how to heighten your ability to focus and how to bring yourself into balance in order to move through every day with both confidence and respect.



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